Saturday, 4 February 2017

8 Great Uses for Bridesmaid Dresses After the Wedding

Everyone says that they want to buy bridesmaid dresses that they will use again. In the past, this was fairly difficult. Some of the puffy sleeve pastel wonders of the 80s were a bit, ahem, hard to love. Today’s gowns, however, are utterly wearable. Stylish and versatile, the idea of wearing them again is no longer a distant dream. Rather, it is a dream-fulfilling reality!

Struggling to think of more than one practical way to reuse your bridesmaid dress after the wedding day? We’ve compiled a list of seven ideas, all totally possible if you make a point of choosing a bridesmaid dress that can be used again.
  1. If you are in high school or college, wear your bridesmaid dress again to a prom, dance, or sorority formal.
  2. Choose a versatile cocktail dress in a color that flatters you, or that is timeless like dark grey bridesmaid dresses are, or even one in solid black if it works with your bride’s palette, and you’ll have a go-to party dress for any number of social situations.
  3. Have a generous heart? Donate your gown to charity. Most major cities have organizations that accept gowns as donations. They are offered to underprivileged girls and those suffering from life-threatening, serious diseases.
  4. Taking a family cruise or have a cousin or girlfriend who is? Multiple formal nights on a single cruise necessitate a selection of dresses, so keep yours in your travel fashion arsenal.
  5. Select a style that you can wear to a future wedding. Many bridesmaid gowns these days are simply great dresses. If it doesn’t scream wedding party, don’t be afraid to wear it as a guest.
  6. Start a swap. If you are in a close circle of ladies all around the same age and with similar body types, you could start a swap. You’ll infinitely expand the number of dresses you have to choose from next time you need something pretty or impressive.
  7. Contact a local community or school theater program and donate your gown as a costume for a future production.
  8. If you simply want to have fun with your dress, offer to crash your bride’s “trash the dress” session – a photographer can do great things with a few extra participants willing to put it all on the line.
Are you a bride trying to choose gowns for your attendants to wear to your wedding? Whether they are paying for their attire per custom, or you are gifting their dresses to them, it is highly advisable to choose a color and fabric and allow your bridesmaids to select a style that they feel amazing in. This goes an extra long way toward making their dresses appropriate choices to wear in the future.
Is your color palette very bold or avant garde? Consider selecting a gown in a neutral color, or one that is appropriate to multiple social situations, and then accenting with jewelry and flowers in your other colors. For example, if your palette is turquoise, grey and tangerine, choose grey bridesmaid dresses with turquoise jewelry and tangerine bouquets. If you select shoes that will go with other outfits as well, your attendants will only love you even more than they do now!
Bridesmaids shoulder enough expenses as part of a wedding party – bridesmaid dresses should be both beautiful and practical, and are the best value when they can be worn again.

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Monday, 26 December 2016

10 Stylish Ways to Stay Warm this Winter with StyleWe

If you're brave enough to venture into the Boxing Day ring, this list of winter essentials might help you roll with the punches. StyleWe and A Mug Full of Style bring you the hottest trends for this winter season.

This is a great outerwear style for the in-between weather. Get a cape jacket to wear in a bold print to wear as a stement piece this winter. 

A cold shoulder shows just enough skin to look sexy without freezing yourself. You can pait it with leggings for a casual day in or tuck it into a pencil skirt for a night out. 

Gone are the days when a down jacket made you look like a shapeless sleeping bag. A long down jacket in an interesting colour is anything but boring.

A fuzzy sweater in a jewel or pastel just screams diva without compromising on style. You'll feel like you're curled up in a cozy blanket all day long.

A pair of essential black leggings is a must-have for every fashionista. It hides all your trouble spots and you can dress them up or down as you wish. 

This trench coat with butterfly patches combines two of the best winter trends. Invest in a classic army green trench and you can pin removable patches of your choice onto it. 

This is a perfect dress to make a statement this holiday season. Accentuate your toned shoulders and hide the problem areas with the an off-shoulder, shift style dress

Velvet is everywhere this season. This twisted velvet top reeks luxe and class when combined with a basic skirt or pant. 

A sweater tunic is perfect for work or play. Play with a basic colour by adding on interesting accessories and pleather leggings. 

The nineties favourite makes a comeback! Create this look yourself by pairing your favourite holiday dress with a turtleneck or by one like this which does the job for you. 

You can get any of these independent designer winter looks at StyleWe on their website or by following them on Our Twitter. StyleWe also carries a gorgeous range of summerwear like dresses, shorts and bikini for your winter getaway. 


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Monday, 19 December 2016

Product spotlight: jimmyCASE iPhone Wallet Cases

jimmyCASE is everything you are looking for in an Iphone case and more. It has a stylish mahagony bumper case and an elastic band that holds your cards tight. The case arrived in a plastic packaging, well-packaged to protect it from any damage. Although, the product is sturdy enough to protect itself from any damage. 

My favourite feature is definitely the elastic band that holds your cards. I am perpetually losing my credit card or digging through my bag for my student I.D. and this case solved my problem in a snap! The elastic holds you cards in a sturdy and I have never once had a card slip out or fall in the last month that I have been using jimmyCASE. The only criticism I have is that the elastic is probably too tight to fit more than three or four cards when you buy it but eventually it stretches enough to fit in six. (Yes, I have six cards. No judgement, please.) 

The cases are priced between $39-$69 USD and I think that they are well worth the investment since the case is real mahagony. They are available in several colours and prints and you can even have one custom-made for Iphones and Samsung Galaxy S4. You can buy them online at

The Packaging

The case with three of my cards in it.

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

5 Hacks To Be The Most Gorgeous Bride

Is your wedding day near? Well, it doesn’t matter actually. Women start visualising her big day from the moment she hears of its values and norms. Buck up, ladies! You definitely need this.
Wedding diaries are the most cherished and mesmerising moments of any women’s life. Men too! Why I stress on women is because their enchanting looks are forever immortalised in their visitor's and their own memories. We all know about some never changing shades of every Indian wedding. The value of RED in everything, no use of black, designer lehengas etc. Many other things are eternal and untouched in any big fat Indian wedding. But without hurting anyone’s feelings, you can make your day the way you always it should be. Doesn't that sound like a better idea? Yes, it is that simple.

Indian brides are styling themselves differently. They have revamped the old styles to make them more modern and are now ‘bold & beautiful’ at the same time. Want to be in the same league? Roll into latest fashionable hacks from online lehengas & make the look different.

Ravishing Designer Lehenga

Do you really want the colour red? Think out of the box. I understand the value of red in Indian weddings but you can experiment by blending other colours too. This will not just get people talking, but will also make you a fashion diva.

Double Dupatta Style

Now this is something in trend and totally kick-ass. Carrying a double-dupatta with online bridal lehenga has become the tradition for awe-striking looks. There is no need to pair up the colours. Sometimes, mixing and matching is more visually appealing.
Wanna look totally gorgeous on the wedding day?
Go For Side Maang Tika

Side maang tika is a part of Pakistani culture. But as fusion is the new fashion, everything can be adopted as per your will and desire. Even side tikas are much more fascinating and give a royal and graceful appearance. They just add a magical essence to your bridal look. 

Be The Jewellery Queen

A bride doesn’t have to be simply covered with hefty ornaments. Gone are those days. You are your own stylist, & you have to take a call on how you want to look for your big day. Jewellery is just to beautify what is already there, so don’t hide the main charm and elegance with these trinkets.

Let The Hair Do The Talking

Do you want to go with the same old style of hair bun or long braid? Think about it. It’s not an obligation. Be your own stylist and reinvent something sassy to work for you and your personal style.
Be the most stunning bride of the planet!

Manisha Dubey 
Shreya Jhunjhunwala

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Product Spotlight: Farbod Barsum Handbags & Accessories

My love for well crafted, designer handbags is one of my guilty pleasures. I came across Farbod Barsum and couldn't stop drooling at the pictures of the gorgeous bags. What struck me was the unique designs that set it apart from other luxury bag brands flooding the market.


Farbod Barsum is a relatively new entrant into the scene of exotic handbags. It has been setting new standards in the world of luxury purses since its launch in 2010. Designer Farbod Barsum started the line after completing Art History at Berkeley, Fashion Design at FIDM, and a Masters Degree in Architecture. According to the designer, the design for the bags combine his love for nature and architecture. This is very visible in the strong lines and geometric shapes of the bags. The material is luxe and beautifully textured. Each bag is crafted with skill and precision and it shows.


Farbod Barsum makes luxury, ethically sourced genuine snakeskin bags and ostrich skin handbags. The designer selects each material that goes into making these beauties personally. Experienced artisans handcraft each piece and make sure it matches the high standards of quality for the brand. Each piece of hardware is individually cast and polished setting each bag apart from the other.

Farbod Barsum has experimented with innovations in the exotic handbag company that few others have dared to. These Isabella and Polina bags use color blocking to aesthetically combine two elements in one bag. Farbod Barsum is a pioneer when it comes to using Swarovski crystals and feathers in exotics.

Jennifer Morrison

Even with all the innovations, the bags are extremely versatile. You could use them from day to night and carry them from the office to a nightclub. The bags look classy and elegant in whichever setting you place them in. It is no wonder that celebrities like Pink, Maria Sharapova, Nicole Scherzinger, Carmen Elektra, Jennifer Morrison and many others have been seen carrying his bags both on the red carpet and off.

Img Src: Farbod Barsum

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